Ken Dwight

Ken Dwight The Virus DoctorKen Dwight, also known as The Virus Doctor™, is a Houston computer consultant specializing in virus and spyware removal. A computer professional since 1966, Ken left the corporate world in 1972 to start his consulting practice. That practice has evolved over the years into its present-day identity as The Virus Doctor™.

Since 2002, when the Klez worm changed the landscape of computer viruses, Ken has specialized in preventing, curing, and repairing the damage caused by malware on Personal Computers. As The Virus Doctor™, Ken is recognized today as one of the leading authorities on this ever-changing subject.

Ken spends at least 50 days per year teaching end-users and IT Support Techs how to more effectively handle malware-related issues. He developed the seminar “Safe Computing in the Facebook Era” for end-users and the in-depth Virus Remediation Training workshop for techs. Today, he has hundreds of graduates in most of the United States + 7 foreign countries.

The Virus Doctor™, helping you practice safe computing.


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