How It Works & Pricing

The initial concept of how the MSP Pro Academy content is laid out, and how it will be served up, are still in the infancy stage. I believe it is fair to say that it will be highly influenced by market demand and sentiment, i.e. the actual consumers of the content will influence how they get to consume the content.

One important note we must make clear is that the ad space on the site is primarily only here to help support the launch of the endeavor. As the academy site matures and as it can rely more and more on its own revenue, the site will show fewer and fewer ads.

Now for the good stuff…

The Three Major Areas of the Site

  • Course Work
  • Resource Library
  • Collaboration Forums

Course Work Components:

  • Training in the form of audio and video presentations and lectures
  • Reference materials including Briefs, White Papers, Handouts, Books, etc.
    Some materials will be included in the course and others must be acquired from the Resource Library
  • Workbooks and Lab Manuals for hands-on experience
  • Required Homework (submission of work)
  • Quizzes and Exams for comprehension evaluation

Resource Library Components:

  • Industry and Discipline-specific publications
  • Briefs and White Papers
  • Process Flow Charts and Workflows
  • Best Practice Guides
  • Standards and Procedures Elements
  • Forms and Templates for nearly every function
  • Links to external resources

Collaboration Forums Components:

  • User profile pages with access to Notifications, Friends, Groups, Courses, and Downloads
  • Forums that are directly connected to each Course
    For example, all Marketing courses share the same Marketing Forum
  • Private Groups can be created by members to allow for closed discussions
  • Forums for Support and for helping develop the new content for the site

Consuming the Content and Collaborating

  • Anyone can sign up for free.
  • Only those who sign up for an account (members) can comment on posts and forums.
    Spam systems and moderators will be in place
  • Logged in users will see fewer ads.
  • Members can purchase individual items from the Resource Library as well as single Courses from the Course Catalog on a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Members who purchase a monthly or annual subscription will receive discounts on Resources and Courses and also accrue credits each month toward Resources and Courses.
  • Organizations that purchase a monthly or annual corporate subscription will receive larger discounts on Resources and Courses and also accrue more credits each month toward Resources.
  • Additionally, corporate subscribers have the ability to assign courses to employees using a custom portal, allowing them to streamline the training and onboarding of their new employees.
  • All subscribers receive deep discounts on their attendance to the annual MSP Pro Academy Foundation Event. (More to come on this!)

Pricing For Courses

  • Individual Courses full price will cap out at $499
    • Some courses may be offered for free and some may be priced lower depending on content.

Pricing For Memberships

  • Individual Membership – $9.99 / mo.
    • Ideal for solepreneurs and one person operations
    • Monthly Resource Credits allotment – 10
    • Course Discounts – 10%
  • Team Membership – $99 / mo.
    • Ideal for small operations (2-25 techs)
    • Monthly Resource Credits allotment – 100
    • Course Discounts – 20%
  • Business Membership – $999 / mo.
    • Ideal for small operations ( 25+ techs)
    • Monthly Resource Credits allotment – 1000
    • Course Discounts – 30%
  • Corporate Membership – Not Define – Customized to needs
      • Ideal for large operations (100+ techs)Please remember that this site and this endeavor are currently in alpha stage and therefore nothing here is set in stone and nothing can or should be construed as a promise of functionality or merchantability by the MSP Pro Academy. Many things will change as the endeavor progresses, and we promise to keep this page as up to date as possible as they do.