Getting To The Next Level

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Create DateMarch 17, 2017
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Getting To The Next Level
A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top

Getting to the next level is a never-ending journey for you and your business, and now you have the definitive guide book. From the design of the business to the execution on strategy and all the tools you need in between, this book covers it. It shows you how to gauge your business maturity and your progress along your roadmap to stratospheric success. Complete with a well-defined case study and example by the author that are built from years of experience in business management and guidance.

Getting To The Next Level - A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top

Learn to design your business from the top down using the Pyramid of Purpose and Value and then build it from the ground up by leveraging Business Agile Strategy Execution (BASE). Your Shared Vision is the heart of your business, even more so than your product and service value proposition. Your shared vision must be embedded in your organization's culture so it can permeate all the way down to the ground level. The Pyramid of Purpose and Value allows you to design your business from the top down and to share it in a meaningful way. It paints a clear and enticing picture and tells a very compelling story of how you intend to create stratospheric success. It attracts the right people to back your endeavor and the right people to get on board.

Your ability to define a clear business roadmap & strategy and then execute on it is one of the biggest determinants of your success. Imagine taking the most advanced methods of Agile development and applying them to your business roadmap & strategy execution. That's Business Agile Strategy Execution (BASE). BASE is the most innovative advancement for small and medium-sized business roadmap development and strategy execution, and you can harness and leverage its power for yourself. The entire process is clearly defined and broken down in step-by-step fashion using real-life examples.

Today more than ever there is a demand for value in everything we create or do. Tap into the author's insights on creating a value proposition for your customers that endears them to your business because they see you are a value-driven organization. Learn about the elements of success that determine your organization's overall Business Maturity Index and how to drive them in the direction you want. With this book, you will have the most important component of a true significant competitive advantage for your business--the blueprint for success.

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