Don Bentz

Don Bentz Visionary 360Don Bentz, Senior Consultant at Visionary 360, has been in the IT industry since 1997. Over the last twenty years, Don has been associated with HTG, ConnectWise® User Group, CompTIA (with whom he spent three years on the board of directors), ASCII group, True Methods, and Microsoft. His titles have ranged from Systems Engineer to Service Manager to President, and he co-founded Preferred IT Group, LLC in 2005 and acted as its President until 2015. Don holds an Associate degree in Electronics Technology and dozens of certifications with Microsoft, including MCSE and a Master CSSA.

A former swim coach and a fitness fanatic, Don lives in Indiana with his family. His personal motto is, “God doesn’t make a no-good anything.” He lives by the Go-Giver philosophy and “Because I said I would.”


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