The MSP Pro Academy is the premier training and collaboration portal offering excellence in Information Technology Service Management training. It also provides unique and focuses training for business management specific to the IT service industry, specifically the Managed Service provider.

The MSP Pro Academy is the brainchild of Manuel Palachuk, an entrepreneur and business coach who has a long history in Information Technology and Service Delivery. His vision for the academy is that of an online collaboration portal focused on excellence in training for all things related to IT Service Management including the actual management of the business itself.

Manuel also intends to fully document here the most efficient service delivery system methodology ever developed. He refers to it as Agile Service Delivery™ and it has been time-tested in more than a dozen organizations across the U.S. and in the U.K., both large and small companies.

This site and everything in it, at this stage, represent the germination of the idea seed Manuel has created. Please help us make it grow.

The MSP Pro Academy also serves to correct one very consistent shortcoming found in many small IT businesses. Specifically, those businesses that have started up and begun selling services but do not actually have the business acumen required to get the operation to the next level. Second to this are those businesses that do not have a complete understanding of IT Service Management or how to run an efficient service delivery system. Finally, there are the organizations that choose to be competitive at the top level but do not have access to the right training.

Manuel has committed to building the MSP Pro Academy because there is a real need for certification level competency tested training for the IT industry. The MSP Pro Academy intends to offer courses to cover every aspect of IT Service Management coupled with the most relevant Business Management disciplines. It does not intend to supplant any college or trade school. The courses we will develop here are more about how to specifically run an efficient and competitive service delivery business, versus the skills required to be good at fixing things.

Since we don’t want to be beholden to corporate overlords, we will be seeking initial funding for the endeavor in three phases of crowd funding through Indiegogo.com. We intend to draw in the best instructors we can and present the best courses possible. The endeavor will require time to set up initial courses and then expand the lineup based on input from the community itself. As we build recognition, trust and support, we will pursue industry accreditation.

As this endeavor matures, you will find more content being presented here. You will see the formulation and declaration of a very specific vision, mission, and values for the academy. Please come back often to see how it develops.

You can check out more about Manuel specifically by following the links below. You can also find out more about the MSP Pro Academy by roaming around the site and even setting up a free account. Please be sure to check out the Indiegogo.com crowd funding campaign and even tell your friends and associates about it. It’s how we’ll get the wind under our wings.

Thank you.

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